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They look like Orcas from the chairlift, which is scary enough. But upon closer inspection, researchers can see the Lib Tech T.Rice Apex Orca Snowboard is an even fiercer beast. The silhouette's the same as as the "normal" board, but the Apex version have been quadruple Orcafied, with Lib's Techno Pop Construction – carbon, carbon everywhere. Lighter, faster, and a bit more stable, the Apex has a slightly mellower sidecut, making it better suited to the open faces you might find on your Natural Selection courses. Yeah, this one's a bit much – which is exactly what you're looking for. Chomp chomp!

Lib Tech T.Rice Apex Orca

SKU: 27
  • Camber Type

    • C2X – A shorter, more aggressive banana rocker combined with cambers that sit more underfoot. Extra solid tip and tail pressure for power, pop, precision and end-to-end stability combined with a medium amount of pressure between your feet for carving, edge hold on ice and float in pow.


    • Medium - Stiff – Stout enough to charge your hardest but without excessive harshness.


    • Volume Shifted – Ride this board 3-6 cm shorter than your normal board.
    • Lightweight Spin Slim Tip / Tail


    • Apex Construction – 20% Aspen / 30% Paulownia / 40% (PET) Recycled Bottles / 10% Balsa. Lightest. Environmentally nicer. Liveliest.


    • Spread Toe Carbon – Flattened widely aligned carbon fibers maximize strength, minimize weight and eliminate potential stress/break points associated with woven carbon fabrics. Light, strong and responsive.
    • 33° Carbon Mesh – Light strong, lively carbon fiber oriented to maximize torsional response from control points to contacts points for maximum performance.
    • S-Glass Strips – High silica content glass fiber that has high tensile strength, high elastic modulus great overall strength to weight properties.
    • Triaxial Fiberglass – 0° x 45° x 45° oriented fiber combination creates the perfect balance of torsional responsiveness and overall flex performance.
    • Anti Matter – Travis pushed Mervin's experiMental division for less weight, and they gave him Apex performance: 3-D carbon reinforced absence of matter in the tip and tail, reducing spin weight.


    • Birch Internal Sidewalls
    • UHMW Sintered Sidewalls
    • UHMW Tip / Tail Impact Deflection


    • Sintered Knife Cut Base – High density UHMW. Optimized wax retention and toughness. Wax regularly and repair professionally.


    • Magne-Traction® – Strategically located edge serrations provide unreal edge hold and control in all conditions. Turns ice into powder.


    • Eco Sublimated Bio Beans Top – This plant oil based top material is environmentally friendly, rugged, scratch resistant and prints amazingly well with Mervin's eco sublimation process.


    • Art by Adam Haynes

    Additional Features

    • Mervin Made – Hand made at the Mervin Factory in Washington, USA with zero hazardous waste.

    Binding Compatibility

    • 2 x 4 Inserts
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