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We are a family owned and operated business that focuses on providing the most fun and excitement for the mountain.  From my first day I was on the mountain I fell in love with the sport and now my goal is to spread that feeling.  After over 6 years of experience in snowboarding I never get more excited than opening up a new board and waiting to go on the mountain with it.  Whether you are a first-time beginner or a seasoned vet on the mountain I hope to build a community of riders who want to party, have fun, and enjoy every moment you're on the board. 




What is your return policy

Any Questions for returns and exchanges policy visit our store policy page

How do I exchange my old snowboard

By emailing us pictures of the snowboard and sending us the make and model of the board we are able to provide a quote which when accepted we provide a gift card of that amount to purchase a new snowboard if you are looking at just selling the snowboard and not buying a new one let us know in the email sent for the quote

How much is my snowboard worth

It all depends on the original cost of the snowboard the year of the board and the condition it is in if you want a quote go to the sell page and fill out the needed information it is free to receive quote, furthermore we do not accept boards that are older than 2 years

How do I know if the used boards are good quality

All the used snowboards are still great and functional boards we use an A B C  grade system for ease of understanding the condition the boards are in, an A is little to no cosmetic damage, a B grade is boards with scratches and small chips that have no change to rideability, a C grade is boards with lots of scratches and larger chips but still rides great 

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